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Mr xr2
• 11/22/2013

What's your favorite Numatic vacuum(s)?

So what's your favorite Numatic? Mine has to be the cream and brown Henry.
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Mr xr2
• 12/12/2013

Do I have to choose one? I can't decide!

Do love a nice HVC200, or a 80's/ early 90's Henry HVR200.

The original Nuvac is pretty cool!

• 12/13/2013

Good choice James! I love my HVC200. I'm still wanting to get an 80's or 90's HVR200, but I suppose I could class my 1991 Cream and brown Henry as a 90's Henry. I agree! The Nuvac is pretty cool! One of dreams is to find an orginal Numatic James!

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